Are you a family caregiver in need of help?

CareRelay is an app that supports you and your family in managing care for your loved ones.

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Save time and reduce stress by centralizing care

Created by caregivers, for caregivers

Caregivers told us they wanted to reduce their stress levels by easily sharing patient updates and communicating with the rest of their care team for help with medical visits and other tasks.

Offers centralized and secure information

Adding a patient's medications and dosages, tracking prescription refills, and even centralizing documents like wills, and advanced directives are easy with a secure and centralized app.

Eases appointment and task scheduling

A common calendar allows everyone on the care team to see patient appointments. A chat function helps to discuss decisions, and partner apps make it easy to schedule care services.

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Our Team

Who we are?

We are caregivers too; we learned first-hand about the stress of racing to complete tasks, keeping on top of medications and coordinating a family care team around a loved one. We created CareRelay to provide a secure and centralized space for you to rally friends and family around a loved one’s care journey.

Who are you?

CareRelay helps a range of caregivers for a variety of reasons. Do any of these sound familiar?


Whatever your situation, CareRelay is ready to help you organize your care team and build a circle of care that’s strong and reliable. Try it out today.


About CareRelay

I’m Dan, As a caregiver myself, I learned first-hand about the stress of racing to complete tasks, keeping on top of medications and coordinating a circle of care around a loved one. In 2017, we founded CareRelay as an online hub and mobile app. Our mission was to relieve caregiver stress and strain and empower both patient and caregiver with reliable and accessible information.

Today, the CareRelay app is a collaborative platform that helps care teams communicate and coordinate help for their loved ones. The app helps care teams to schedule medical appointments, track medications and centralize patient records. CareRelay helps to keep everyone up to date on the patient’s progress.

Corporate Information!
Dan Brody

How it works

Set up your care team of support today!
  • Worry less with a system created by caregivers, for caregivers: We know what you need because we've been there. We consulted with patients, family and medical professionals to find out what features are the most helpful in a caregiver journey, and brought those tools together in an easy-to-use app.
  • Create a team and communicate clearly: CareRelay helps ensure that everyone on the care team is aware of every step in the care plan, including the patient! Use our tools and alerts to help track medications, manage appointments and create a centralized chat space for constant updates.
  • Take control of health data: We centralize records by providing a mobile hub for you to consolidate information, including diagnoses, medication, and lab tests. With our secure storage, electronic health records are available at a moment's notice to provide a comprehensive view of a patient's health status.
  • Our pledge regarding your health information: We understand that health information about you and your health care is personal. We are committed to protecting health information about you. We will create a record of the individual and care information you receive from our partners and us. We do so to provide you with quality information, service and to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.
    This Notice applies to all of the records generated or received by CareRelay whether we documented the information, or from another source entered into CareRelay Hub. Our pledge regarding your personal health information is backed-up by Federal law.
AI Powered Appointments & Tasks

Appointment Our Ai helps load balance tasks and appoints to share the care, and reduce caregiver burn out. Create tasks and appointments for your loved one and the app will send your care team a message to confirm who can help. Everyone is then notified about who has claimed the task.

Medication Manager

Medication CareRelay’s Medication Manager allows you to enter an accurate list of current, past and as-needed medications, including dosages, scheduling and instructions. You can also track prescription refills. The medications list is secure, centralized and sharable to your entire care team and medical professionals

Medical Records

Medical Records Take control of your loved one’s electronic medical records by organizing them all in one place. Patients and caregivers gain up-to-date access to crucial documents and information.

Document File Manager

File Manager All uploaded documents are stored in unlimited Virtual Filing Cabinet and encrypted for maximum security. Patients and caregivers control access, and often use the app to keep track personal, home, legal and financial information.

Care Plans

Care Plans Care plans provide direction for individualized care of the patient, with input from the whole team. The app allows you to make your loved one’s care plan centralized and accessible.

Group Discussion & Chat

Care teams can chat together on any of six channels for group or private conversations. The app makes it easy to chat and post updates for everyone to see.

Price plan that fits your needs

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per month


30% discount per year
  • 1 Patient
  • 3 Caregivers
  • 5MB Max upload file size
  • Tasks with Ai Auto Scheduler
  • Appointments with Ai Auto Scheduler
  • Medication Manager
  • Medical Records & Care Plans
  • Document File Manager
  • Legal, Financial and
    Household Manager
  • Suppoting Services


per month


40% discount per year
  • 2 Patient
  • 10 Caregivers per patient
  • 15MB Max upload file size
  • Personal and group chat
  • Secure Integration with Healthcare
    Providers (where available)
  • The above Plus
    everthing that was in Basic


per month


40% discount per year
  • 10 Patient
  • Unlimited Caregivers per patient
  • 25MB Max upload file size
  • Personal and group chat
  • Secure Integration with Healthcare
    Providers (where available)
  • Secure Video calls
  • Voice command with
    Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • The above Plus
    everthing that was in Basic

Services to support you!


CareRelay can provide your loved ones with rides through Uber, which can request, manage, and pay for rides without requiring patients/loved ones to sign up for an Uber account all from inside our CareRelay App.

Personal Support Workers

CareRelay partners with regional PSW providers to provide supportive person-centred care across the lifespan to individuals and families, at various levels of health and wellbeing, in a variety of care environments including home, long-term, community and/or hospital care settings.

Legal wills and estates

CareRelay partners with Willful who makes it simple to create a legal will online without visiting a lawyer. You can also get other important documents for things like Medical Authorization Form, DNR, DNI...

Cleaning homes

Exclusively with Merry Maids, locations all across the country and over 35 years of experience cleaning homes. Integrated into our app for convenience you get scheduling and real-time updates.

Rehab Occupational Therapy

CareRelay partners with regional OT providers who provide assessment, treatment and education of patients with complex physical, cognitive and behavioural needs.

Home care services

CareRelay partners with regional on-demand or automated, home repair, lawn care service directly from our app. Easily stay up to date with the progress of your service with CareRelay.